Fuselage Covers for Composite Tiger Drones

24th September 2019

Fixed wing and multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs - or drones as they are often described) are a rapidly growing market for composite components and structures.

Flite electric foiling surfboard

28th March 2019

A highly engineered composite surfboard taking riders to new heights and speeds with a noise-free, wake-free experience.

Aircraft tractor cab

28th March 2019

The first composite cab for a ground support vehicle is a robust and low maintenance solution, with precision-moulded parts to speed up production and standardize the build process.

The latest extract from our 40 year book interviews Bruce Wylie, Chief Commercial Officer of COBRA

Bruce Wylie is a wind surfer through and through. From his formative early days on the water with his parents, to competing in the 1984 Olympics and World Championships, to his current role as Chief Commercial Officer, Windsurfing has always been an integral part of his life. Today he can be found spearheading the Windsurfer LT, a new type of board that was launched just last year and is already being rapidly adopted by associations around the world.

Revealing Nature Sculpture

The recently installed Revealing Nature sculpture on Hong Kong’s waterfront is a stunning eye-catcher.

Sutherland Furniture Carbon Chaise

Transforming a traditional design through modern materials, COBRA is working with Sutherland Furniture to launch the first piece in a new range of luxury carbon fibre furniture.

The King Cobra

The King COBRA was a breakthrough product for COBRA, establishing their presence as a manufacturer of high performance windsurf boards and creating global visibility for the COBRA brand.

The New Windsurfer LT

The aim was to produce a board so simple it could
be picked up off the beach and enjoyed by a first-time
sailor as well as offering superb tactical fleet racing to
a more advanced sailor.